fredag 5. februar 2016

Puppy plans

We are so excited and hope we again have found the perfeckt match for "Nora"!! 
We hope there will be puppies in about nine weeks after Silkmann`s castle No One`s Better No 10 "Neisti" and Kvasneset`s Himmelske Honoria "Nora". We really look forward to puppies again and hope that this can bring good representatives of this great breed. We are so pleased with the litter that Nora had recently with both temperament and exterior, and hope we again have found a nice match for her!

This time we have chosen to take a combination that we would take the last generation, but when we lost the mother of "Nora" we missed trying. Therefore it becomes now a combination between daughter and son!! :)) So we really looking forward to this... "Neisti" is after stunning "Ryan" Caci`s A Boy Like Daddy who not only stuck to my head several years ago, but something told me that I must have a bit of him. We have not seen his son therefore we are looking forward to jump in the car and drive against Sweden. Google says about 15 hours of driving, we must certainly take a few hours with rasting the dog, food and of course run by weather conditions. Can not wait to see him who will hopefully give us a new generation delightful Kvasneset dogs...

I always want to find dogs that are good match and hopefully get a similar litter where healthmentality, exterior and work go hand in hand.
Here are pictures of the parents who have good breed characteristics, as well as race typical appearance with good prizes at shows. 
 Sire: Silkmann`s castle No One`s Better No 10 "Neisti"
Dam: Kvasneset`s Himmelske Honoria "Nora"

We hope this will bring us good show and working puppies and I have the great pleasure announcing the pedigree for the upcoming litter:


  VDH CH Silkmann`s castle No One`s Better No 10

 SE VCH SEU(u)CH EUW-10 C.I.E. NOUCH KBHV-09 VV-10  Caci`s A Boy Like Daddy 

SE U(U)CH Caci's Black Shadow 
FI V-02 FI UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Inkwells Named Shadow 
SE U(U)CH Caci's All Saints
Caci's Why Should I Work
NO UCH Caci's Work Like Hell
Comics Byron Bay (CC)

VDH CH Elding`s Fire No.8 Of Silkmann`s Castle 

DK UCH Black Amandas Gambler Man 
Comics Amarillo
Melody Makers Joyfull Chilli

A Number Thirteen Of Silkmann`s Castle
Melody Makers Gunnar
Melody Makers Ouverture
Honoria (res.CC)
Boppalooza Jungman Jansson
Almanza Sharp Shooter 
Ryegate's Son Of A Gun 
Almanza Playing With Fire 
SU(u)CH NUCH NV-05 Boppalooza När Du Dansar 
S UCH FINUCH INTUCH Almanza Feather In MyHat 
SE U(u)CH Boppaloosa Syster Yster 
Kvasneset's Frøken Lisa (CC)
N UCH Bezonian Eau De Vie
N UCH Engelen Dark Star
N UCH Bezonian Checkmate 
Kvasneset's Ayla (CC)
N S UCH VWW-08 Tårpilens Bogart 
Coneken's Glenmorangie Port Wood (CC)

Cerèa`s word about the dog ".......He is a grandson of my famous Elding and all of her offspring over generations are a guarantee for marvelous workers"...
He is VDH CH with 2 spare CAC from Sweden and 3 prizes hunting, and he is proficient in practical hunting...

If this is interesting to youplease contact us for more info!!

Anja - +47 90018619 and email

Tom - +47 94154947 and email

Love to hear from you!! :)

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