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40 years celebration of my sister ♥

The picture of the view is taken on the place we were going to spend the weekend...

Touch the picture to get bigger

I have now arranged my workroom/dogroom and the first thing I sit down to write about is the trip to Hardanger and my dear sister. 
I also hope that my creativity will come over me again, or maybe I have to travel for myself as I did last year!?.
I don`t know how to start...Because this time I will try to write in English and that is something I have not done for many years! But, now you probably think I'm old, but so wrong can you take because I'm not that's just been a long time since I went to school;))

It's been a while since I had to mark this weekend for birthday celebration (had first set it up for dog show in Trondheim, but it was easy to change). But excuse me to say that (have said it to Irja)but it was with mixed feelings I was supposed to travel. Of course I would like to celebrate my sister, but it will be som many people and not just us - jepp I think I'm getting scared of meeting new (and old known) people. 
It's a bit heavy to drive so far friday, party on saturday and drive home on sunday, my back will not cooperate so I was a little worried if I was going to be bad with so many unknown people around me. But we were supposed to take my little sister's car so she would drive then I could relax - and that is so easily said but not done ;)

I just had to drive the car onto the first ferry that was so full, but then I just got to sit by the wheel a little bit longer. I got the cruise control to work and then it went so easily. We stopped at Byrkjelo to buy some food and something to drink. Lots of delicious local food and when I saw Geiranger chocolate with brown cheese I had to bring those who came extra long to get a taste bite and in addition we had to bring lakris chocolate with chilli!! Yummie...and had to laugh when we saw it was produced by Belgian chocolate in Denmark!! - THAT is what we call really local :)))
I just have to admit I don`t own patience when things go unexpectedly slowly ...It's the case that when buses and cars drive so slow I get a thought annoyed. We finally had to realize that we did not reach the next ferry as planned and the one after. As we were about to lose the ferry after that again, I had to see what the car was good for and drive past someone.
Fortunately, we did not have to stand on the wrong side of the Hardangerfjord until the following day.
My sister, she was lucky to be able to admire the beautiful landscape on such a great day. I tried to see a little bit, but was strongly advised to have my eyes straight on the road...

When we came across the fjord with the last ferry, we just have to drive to the cabin. But, it was just so beautiful to look at fruit trees, nice houses, narrow roads, beautiful guesthouse and not least self-service to buy flowers, fruit trees, jams and much more different places!!!

So we luckily bought a little more in presant to our dear sister when we saw trees with sweet cherries.
Hope I can come to visit you next spring so I can bring the blossom??...
My dear little sister think I'm doing a lot of weirdness and it's not just at the trip so she's used to it. But just had to send a snap that we were on a trip and were fine even though I thought we would not get it that way...but when we crossed the Hardanger fjord and was so close to the goal, everything changed.

 It's amazing that you can just bring your goods and leave money long way so!! When I had a store, we could not let the flowers stand outside for decoration once they were gone the following day...

At least we drove over a mountain and I did not know where we were going...but it soon turned out that my little sister did not know either. Because in the way we were heading down the mountain she was wondering if we were going to the right up behind, we tried to call Irja and Stig, but ofcourse they did not answer - It`s so typical. Curly roads and I started to get back up I have fortunately learned how to drive a car backwards. We were at the right place and we turned the car at the neighbor and saw the party at Irja`s but nobody came......I really began to wonder if this trip was a good idea!? Irja know how shy I am?..
She expected to see my car but when the house saw who came we were welcomed...not least many nice people we got greeted. Someone we had seen before and somebody we know better, but most brand new.
I was confident that there was nothing to be afraid of. Nice people who could cope with a crazy dog lady who is not very much out with ordinary people ;)!! 
Amazingly nice everyone and it promised good for the day after.

As soon as we arrived we got great good beer that Stig had brewed...Certainly a bit too strong for me but it was really good!
I'm probably one of those who often talk before I think about what I'm going to say. Oh when I start talking, it's not easy to stop...But I certainly should after this trip I will try to talk after I have thought about it and have I mentioned that Stig had brewed a super-good beer!?? No I`m just kidding becaus I`m not sure if I will tell you about the thing I manage to say ;)  
Yes, I just jump into it!...I managed to (I don`t know a word to use in english so I just have to say) "drite på draget" when Irja showed us the nice jewelry she got from Stig. I said only at first that I got a vacuum cleaner from my husband...Then I got to answer if I wanted it or just as a surprise? I simply answered (I thought of course) that I wish a big and powerful one who smelled good when I cleaned!! - And I don`t think I need to say so much more about that do I? ;)
Friday night we also talked a bit about painkillers and it was quite interesting...I won`t complain but I wish I had something that worked! Perhaps I one day travel to Florida and visit a doctor just to get something that take the pain for some days!? Sorry "K & B" but maybe I send you a message saying that I`m in the area ;)

Of course I was up early on saturday and went out for a walk...Did not know so much about the area so I just walk.

I went out till I saw the fjord and I sat down on a rock and just relaxed quite a while before I had to go back.
A dead frog or toad...I really do not like them at all..
 "Draumen" means dream!..
And much of what I write about is dreaming and how important it is to set new goals and dreams. I'm probably a little too much of a dreamer, but it's so important to have on bad days...
And the snapchat was somting like this "The dream took me...out to stumble in my own thoughts and new dreams!"...
This was the place I was sitting on...

I came back for breakfast and after that the whole gang was going on a hike.
It was a lovely good climb at the beginning so we quickly reached some height meters.
We had a nice and pleasant trip upward...
I walked a bit from the people I walked with at the end and then I met a bit of the gang that was going down again...they stopped and I want to get some medicine ;) and I got one in each foot before they went down and I went up to those who was on top.

Amazingly nice view and it was time to just enjoy the view and the company. Irja had medicine for the whole gang, and they said the trip up to 686 meters above sea level was fine, but drinking the "medicine" on the top was good Irja had brought Norwegian chocolate that they could rinse with!! :)
After a while we had to think about the trip down again. Same track in the beautiful landscape and nice but slightly steep terrain.
It's more like a tame sheep flock that goes in the middle of the road...
Down there you can see the cottage to Irja and Stig, and they have the one with the big white tent outside...
If I did not want to have the company down and the party, I think I would be there for a long time... 
Oh no!! I forgot to kiss it...then I missed a romantic prince again...But it is allowed to dream of one ;)))
Well down again, Ronny had made a 40 year portal to Irja and first she went under and afterwards got support with two great guys to balance on top of it!! I should have shown you the movie, but I'm afraid I can not put it out before they have approved it.
It was a bit hot when we went up the mountain and most people talked about taking a bath in the fjord afterwards.
But when we were well down again, the weather was a bit sour and it was no longer tempted with a bath. Finally there were four men who wanted to go down and then I could not pull myself and have to do it!...
A nice pleasure to get out in Hardangerfjorden but the toughest of all must be Ben who came from Florida and bathed in the ice-cold fjord!

 Really tough men who plunged out many times!!

I was a little more careful and ran out a couple of times...can I excuse that I have to film it!?? ;) 

The picture of me was only meant for snapchat but when it was saved, I could just put it out...can not get worse self-esteem anyway ;)

It was good with a hot shower before the party continued and I helped my dear sister to decorate the tent.
My back was not good to me anymore so I had to try something I rarely do soI went to bed a little and maybe I sleept a bit, suddenly it was quiet and I could not hear more of the summingen from the room next to mine. I opened my eyes and thought SHIT I slept from the party!! "Jumps" up and hear they were singing to Irja outside ;) Eirin came in to see if I will come and then I was on my way. Tired, bad and cold, just eating bacalao with chilli and a very good beer with a little higher promille than I'm used to and it quickly made me warm.

Fantastic good party with so many great people!!

I had a few breaks to go for a bit and it did wonders.
Irja you have unbelievably nice people around you and so many nice friends!! I should not envy people there but when I think back to the weekend I would wish I had a bit of them - oh you know what I mean! ;) 
But, I can already look forward to 10 years ahead of time, so I hope for replay!?? I hope to come and if I worry about the long drive so just remember me of this party!!
When I see how a party can be, I can regret that I have never celebrated myself ;)

Sunday of course I was up early about an hour after I last looked at the clock.

After three hours cleaning I and two others were ready for a trip to the end of the road. There we saw all the art that was along the way, talked and just had a laid back trip.

Pink and Purple are my favorite colors - P and P...

Everything has an end and it had that weekend too!!...It went fast, so much fun I wish it lasted a couple of days ;)
Wishing you all good for now, my dear sister, and with so many people close and distant, I know you are always in good hands.
Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend ...
On the way home we stopped again so that I could get myself a pair of trees with sweet cherries.
Thank you for now Hardanger!!...It has been very nice...
This is at the ferrydock at Utne...

The car went fast and my little sister slept next to me while I dreamed a little about the weekend and look at the amazing scenery that got a good wash from above...
I wonder what causes people to drive for 39 kilometers an hour in an 80 zone and sink all who are on the road??

I came home to many black treasures and will spend 4 weeks with these little ones before we deliver them. I and the dogs can travel after the family on vacation...

Now I'm back to real life where I'm just a crazy dog lady who mostly blends me with my dear four-legged. But looking back to the weekend as one thing I would like to do again...Maybe it`s time to get me a life and not just a dog!??? Noooooo not yet but I can do this more if it fit so ;)
If any of you would like to take a trip to Sunnmøre and maybe want to go to the mountains? Can you just tell me I'll have a ready bed etc...
Love you sister and wish you and everyone else a wonderful summer...
Hugs -Anja-

To you who thought I was Irja's big sister, you're totally's just her who stays incredibly good!
The picture of Irja and me when we hit each other when I was on a small trip for myself and Irja at work...

On Monday I stood by the kitchen counter and talked about the weekend with Cecilie, and of course she must comment "everyone is so international!" I look smiling at her...Then she continues. "Yes, I was a little bit more exotic than you and got me a Trønder (one from the area around Trondheim). OMG and I left with one from Langevåg!! ;)

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