torsdag 5. april 2018

Puppies available...

 I`m in love with these black treasures ♥

Again, I made a combination after one son of "Ryan" the lovely dog C.I.E. SEU(u)CH NOUCH SEVCH KBHV-09 EUW-10-11 WW-10 Caci`s A Boy Like Daddy - He only got one litter and this is the second litter I have with one of his son`s!! This dog have never left my head since I saw him in Denmark in 2009. I wanted to use him but I didn`t made that so thats why it`s so nice to could use his ofsprings.

In addition, this is the first planned litter after our "Rebus ofspring" -  WW-14 DKV-14 JEUW-13 SEU(U)CH NOUCH C.I.E. Caci`s Hit The Road Jack, which gave us a wonderful litter! From the litter after "Rebus" and "Nora" we have "Bobby" and "Keesha" at home and they are two lovely dogs.

We have been looking forward to this combination and hope that this can bring good representatives of this great breed!!
I always want to find dogs that are good match and hopefully get a similar litter where health, mentality, exterior and work go hand in hand...

The puppies pedigree...

VDHCH Silkmann`s castle No One`s Better No 5 

SE VCH SEU(u)CH EUW-10 C.I.E. NOUCH KBHV-09 VV-10 Caci`s A Boy Like Daddy  
SE U(U)CH Caci's Black Shadow
Caci's Why Should I Work
VDH CH Elding`s Fire No.8 Of Silkmann`s Castle 
DK UCH Black Amandas Gambler Man 
 A Number Thirteen Of Silkmann`s Castle

Kvasneset`s In Case Of Christmas 

SEU(U)CH JEUW-13 WW-14 Caci`s Hit The Road Jack 

IE CH GB CH Clandrift Dark Legend 
SE U(U)CH JWW-08 Caci's Strip and Tease 

Kvasneset`s Himmelske Honoria (res. CC)
SEU(U)H VWW-14Boppalooza Jungman Jansson
Kvasneset's Frøken Lisa (CC) 

"Blossi" is an incredibly wonderful dog in every way, teachable, and absolutely no problems with other dogs.
He is responsive and good at practical hunting. Lovely dog to work out with and not least one dog the children find it easy to handle.
It`s no problem for our son at 10 years to take him on a mountain trip alone.
(This is not something I recommend others to do without knowing both dog and boy very well)
From show he got results: VDHCH
From trial: 2. pize

Keesha has not been shown at many exhibitions but has one CC...

"Keesha" is an exceptionally lovely dog who loves her mum above all!
Yes, it can almost be too much, not for mum herself, but the other two-legged in the house had probably seen it had been nice if it was toned a bit...
She has a good exterior with retriever properties only used in training here at home. She is very quiet and has a nice on-off switch.
Keesha`s mum has given us three wonderful litters where we are very pleased with both mentality, exterior and health as far as we can see for now...
Show results: CC

Now when I've had "Blossi" for a couple of months and have become so familiar with him, it's very nice to see that these two complement each other so well!... 

I`m really looking forward to see this puppis grow up and hope and think we will find a good home for them all. We still have two puppies available so pleace contact me if you are intersting.

If you are interested in this combination, or just want to ask about the combination, feel free to contact us by email or phone !! :)

Phone: +47 900 18 619


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