tirsdag 15. mai 2018

Welcome Abi ♥

...Katja and I realized we had a great desire to keep a brown bitch here at home so we plan to do that! And Katja had the name ready before the girl was 3 weeks... 
The name Abi came right away, and it was a long time before we knew who would stay here with us.
I had to check some different spelling of the names that were Abbey, Abebe, Abby - but it has to be Abi and it means "Give joy"...

But, we didn`t knew then that we will be in love with our new girl that we was going to hand over to someone else!! We have a girl from "Blossi" and "Keesha" with the name Kvasneset`s Ooo La La La and I called her sexy......... :)  Katja said mum you can`t go around call her that so we have to get her a new name!! And then she said that she is just a perfect Abi!! So now she will fine a new name for our brown tresure ♥♥♥

So now the girl with the name Abi is not brown but a beautiful black girl born 7 March 2018...and I hope we will have a lot of joy with her ♥ Welcome in our gang Abi ♥♥

Hug -Anja-

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