søndag 10. november 2019

This is us...5 weeks and 1 day old!

Yesterday I got some new pictures of each puppy, but we took only head pictures so standing photos will probably come soon I hope...
I think they look so nice and they have some nice, good and charming expressions. It is so nice to follow the developments on them day by day, and to see how they be shaped.
I show you here with pleasure every puppy and hope you also like some (if not all) of what you see...
Tim Are have to cuddle a bit with each of the puppies before taking pictures...

Those boys..!! 

Here are the lovely girls...!!! 
Katja had two handball matches today, so we only managed to take a standing picture of one of the puppies - the pink girl...She helped me with three puppies and Tim Are took over the others so we could have a pictures of the heads. I promise you to take new soon!! 
It`s not that easy to take the standing photoes so we need to practice a bit.

The pedigree and the parents..!

Wish you all a nice sunday..!
Hugs -Anja-

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