fredag 15. november 2019

The R-Litter 6 weeks today

Today the puppies are already 6 weeks old!! 
I havebspent the night in Oslo and got me a night with good sleep. But that didn’t stop me from rolling out of the bed and try to bring a puppy on the right place (I heard him in my sleep). But the only thing I found on the floor was my suitcase.
I had a checkup at the hospital in Oslo this morning and after that I took the train to Lillestrøm to see "King" Kvasneset`s Love The Way You Lie in the show ring before I took the plane back home...

Katja helped me to take some new pictures today...Sorry to say, but we haven’t been practiced that much because we have done other things...
Mr. Green...Katja had a bit of work to make him stand properly...

The boys..!!

The girls..!!

Have a good weekend!!
Hugs -Anja-

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