søndag 24. november 2019

My name is...

...The names is always a little fun to find, and this time we had a little discussion for Katja would like the red male to be called Rashford The Warrior, but it would be a bit silly if he came into a home with a father that love Liverpool more than anything else!! We just couldn't take the risk that the adorable puppy being hated because of a name... ;) 

We now have the names of all the puppies ready, and after the vet visit on Friday, we also now know which of the puppies has which name...They are now ID-marked, vaccinated, obtained a health certificate where no one had a negative comment.The vet was so pleased with all of them!!...and not least they are now registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club.
Some of the bitches we have decided where to go, the black beauty will travel the long way to Brazil and Rio!! The yellow must be in Ålesund not far from us...
We have not deside what we will keep yet, but soon I will tell you who it will be. 
The male dogs we eventually decide next week when we get a visit from Denmark. They will first have to decide which of the boys will be allowed to go with them to Denmark.

First you can see this video of Mr. Grey and after the picture of each puppy with their name will follow...
The lovely Mr. Grey...!!

* Kvasneset`s Reason To Dream NO56919/19

* Kvasneset`s Reason To Shine NO56920/19

* Kvasneset`s Reason To Love NO56921/19

* Kvasneset`s Rose Garden In Rio NO56922/19

* Kvasneset`s Reason To Be Happy NO56923/19

* Kvasneset`s Run To You NO56924/19

* Kvasneset`s Rough Diamond NO56925/19

* Kvasneset`s Remember This Dream NO56926/19

* Kvasneset`s Release Your Fantasy NO56927/19

* Kvasneset`s Russian Roulette NO56928/19

* Kvasneset`s Real Love NO56929/19

As you might can see, they have grow up so fast and are so very cute. I can`t say they smell as roses all the time, but you can`t feel it from the pictures and movie ;) 
They have their own space in the kitchen and not least we found that the porch is a great place to be out...

The following weeks we will deliver the puppies and there are one available for the right home...

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Kullet er godkjent...

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