fredag 27. desember 2019

From Sunde to Rio..!

A couple of years ago there was a nice man who contacted me with a wish to buy a puppy and bring it all the way to Brazil!!
Almost so I thought it was a hidden camera......all the way to Rio, are you sure??
He had heard with a former breeder and been told that if he wanted a new puppy from Norway, then they wanted him to wait until I had litter. They said that if he took a puppy from us then he would know that it had have a good start in life. Of course I really appreciated that words like that!!
It took some time before I could tell him that Berta was pregnant - that bitch is half sister to the puppies we have now. A little planning with regard to airplanes, but it is so simple today and in addition when the puppy was not larger than 8 kilos he could take her into the cabin... 
The trip went very well and Casandra well ahead in Rio and have a wonderfull live there, and it`s very nice for me that can follow her well in social media.
Here I took a picture of me and Cassandra on our way to the airport...
A lovely girl from Sunde a small place in Norway wants to go out in the big world. She will possible rock in Rio de Janeiro so «Casandra» has now started on her long journey home  She is special in her way as all the puppy I deliver. But one thing I will always remind of you beside of the wonderful mood, the nice color and the beautiful expression is that this is the first brown puppy I deliver...
I wish you a good and safe trip home to Brazil where you will have a good life with your lovely family!!

The girl marked with Black Kvasneset’s Rose Garden in Rio «Maya»...
♥ Two Kvasneset girls in Rio 

Maya with a touch of pink..!
Maya with her new and happy family in Rio...

Cassandra is now almost two years old and she has now been joined by another «Kvasneset dog» when the friends of those who have «Cas» also wanted a dog from the same place as Casandra.
After a bit of waiting, Kvasneset`s Rose Garden In Rio "Maya" finally arrived in Rio and it seems that she have a very rich and good life...!!
Incredibly great to follow both of these beautiful treasures, and maybe one day I'll get on a plane and maybe see these two girls in the heat again..!(?)
Today, everything is «just» a few hours away and everything is so easy to realize. So all of a sudden I was lucky enough to enrich another family on the other side of the world with a wonderful family member. Now I just wish you all the best with her, like I do to everybody else I have and will be delivering.
I always do my very best to give them as good upbringing as possible so that you get a safe, nice and good puppy ♥
I still wish you all a very nice, calm and peaceful christmas time 

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